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We offer a range of services for all of your boiler needs, including Boiler Installation,                            Full Maintenance Contracts, & Boiler Failure

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Why you need Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance is imperative for both safety and operational capacity/efficiency. While many boiler manufacturers prescribe a schedule for maintenance, this is just guideline and its up to each respective business to take responsibility for their own boiler maintenance.

Maintaining your boiler shouldn't be viewed as an obligatory endeavour, there are many good reasons to be cognisant of your boilers upkeep including:

  • Increased Lifespan – Having your boiler maintained greatly reduces the chance of failure, which can result in significant operational disruption. Having an appropriate/regular maintenance schedule can avoid the cost of boiler failure and boiler replacement by ensuring your boiler runs efficiently and doesn't need to be replaced prematurely.

  • Compliance- Most insurance companies will make it mandatory for your boiler to receive regular maintenance in accordance with industry standards. Having a certified and competent maintenance service provider will allay any concerns around potential boiler risk for you insurance provider.

  • Safety- A poorly maintained boiler presents a risk to staff/personnel and also the premises the boiler is located in. An accident related to a malfunctioning boiler could have massive consequences for your business and staff, regular maintenance is needed to diagnose and repair problems before they affect safety.

Boiler maintenance - KB Combustion

  • Efficiency – With the current climate for energy costs it is important to keep your boiler running efficiently. Boilers consume large amounts of fuel so if operating inefficiently in can greatly increase your energy costs. Regular maintenance is needed in order to keep a complex system like a boiler firing correctly thus ensuring energy costs are kept to a minimum.

  • Cost Effective- Many of the previous points are connected by their impact on costs. For a business to have to manage boiler failure, increased insurance premiums, accidents, or inefficient function means that they are incurring large costs that could be easily avoided by availing of regular boiler maintenance.

In summary, boiler maintenance shouldn't be viewed as an inconvenience but as an integral area meaning that your business has a strong operational foundation to work on.