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Mobile steam boiler units from 240 kg/hr

  • Use for various purposes.

  • Temporary Load Increase

  • Batch Verification

  • Breakdown

  • Planned Maintenance

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/ A steam boiler: What is it?

A heating system that generates energy is called a steam boiler. It produces energy by steaming water that has been heated. It is a heat exchanger with a water container and combustion chamber that produces steam for use outside. Steam boilers come in a variety of sizes, from extremely compact to enormous for work that requires greater effort.

Types of Steam Boilers:

  • Hot Water Boilers

  • Electric Boilers

  • Gas Boilers

  • Oil Boilers

Containerised Steam Boilers

  • Mobile steam boilers for firing on gas or oil fitted in a container with lighting, feed water tank, blowdown vessel.

  • Requiring connection on site to services.

Special Housing

  • Medium-sized units housed in special build housings or trailer mounted.

  • Units can be offloaded onto a suitable foundation on-site, avoiding the need for access platforms to the trailer.

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