BWD Series 

Steam outputs from 1500 kg/h to 8000 kg/h

The BWD series of fire tube steam boilers  feature three pass design and use a coaxially located furnace tube providing optimum distribution of mechanical stress in operation. This is a key feature for boilers that operate under low or variable steam load and ensures long equipment life. High quality dry steam is provided due to generous steam space and integral separator.

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Low Fuel Consumption

  • The perfect match between the boiler shell and burner ensures reliable and efficient operation. Efficiencies of 95% plus can be achieved when fitted with a Babcock Wanson matched economiser and heat recovery system.
  • Consistent high thermal efficiency throughout the firing range is a key feature. Digital micro-modulation control with burner head geometry specifically designed to suit the BWD boiler means accurate control of excess air and lowest practicable operating costs.
  • Electrical power consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50% by the use of variable speed control for the combustion air fan and feed water pump when specified.

Reduced Operating Cost

  • Robust Construction for long life
  • Direct access to the reversal chamber and ease of tube inspection simplifies mandatory inspection
  • The outer walls of the flue gas reversal chamber are water cooled and provide high efficiency without the need for furnace tie rods which can be a weak point on traditional wet back boilers
  • Standard equipment options include fully approved controls for attended, site supervised or fully unattended operation including the Babcock Wanson BW720 Operating System.

Why Choose the BWD Fire Tube Steam Boiler?

  • Efficiency – Low NOx burners
  • High burner turndown ratio
  • Simple access for ease of maintenance
  • Robust design for very long life
  • Flue gas and condensing Economisers
  • Combustion air Pre-Heaters
  • Dual and mixed fuel firing options
  • O2 and CO trim options
  • Simple unattended operation
  • Complete steam system solutions

Babcock Wanson BWD Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler    

Steam Output*kg/hr1500200025003000350040005000600070008000
Weight floodedKg10200102001250012500163001630024800248003370033700

* at 15 Barg and feed water at 80°C
** Overall dimensions approx subject to burner model and boiler mountings.
Details provided for guidance only