Goetze Safety Valves for Industrial Applications

Safety Valves

for Industrial Applications

We offer wide range of safety valves, overflow
and pressure control valves, fittings and
pressure reducing valves..


High Performance

Goetze Safety Valves

Goetze valves are used with temperatures ranging from -200°C up to 400°C and the greatest possible safety is a priority. 


The Goetze KG product range is designed for hot water and heating systems as well as for cooling and air conditioning systems in single homes and multi-dwelling buildings and large building complexes


Every Goetze valves distinguish themselves through exceptional performance combined with a compact design.

Type test approved Safety Valves

Atmospheric discharge Safety valves

These innovative new developments of atmospheric discharge safety valves are particularly suitable for the protection of compressors, air-receivers and bulk transport vehicles.

Safety valves

Safety valves for many different applications, media and temperatures. There is a technically and economically optimal version for each and every application.

Safety valves

for solar plants

Designed and tested for high media temperatures. Even for the SOL-valves for intrinsically safe plants, the materials have been tested up to 160°C.

Safety valves

for heating & cooling

Safety valves for such installations are fitted with special sealing materials, which are suitable for glycol concentrations of up to 100%

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