Autoflame Temperature Detector 0-400 deg C 200mm Length MM10006/200 Get Quote

Manufacturers Product Code: MM10006/200
Brand Name: Autoflame
Catalog Product Description: 0-400 Deg C 200mm length
Barcode: 705126334

Terms and Conditions

Autoflame Temperature Sensor is a resistance type temperature detector for use with the MM system for the purpose of:

  • Measuring load temperature.
  • Monitoring the exhaust temperature or the coil/tube temperature of the boiler on the Mk8 MM.
  • Heat Flow metering applications on the Mk8 MM.
  • Fully Metered Combustion applications on the Mk8 MM.
  • Exhaust Temperature Shutdown Threshold on the Mk8 MM.

Autoflame temperature detector is available with various probe lengths ranging from 100mm to 400mm, other lengths are available upon request, please contact us with your requirements.


Range0 - 400°C
Sensor TypeRTD PT1000, 2 Wire
IP RatingIP65
HousingStainless Steel


Stainless Steel