ADCA CTS4U 1/2" - DN15 BSP, ISO 7Rp, Compact Trapping Station

The UniADCA CTS4U is a complete and compact steam trapping station designed to be used as an alternative to traditional multicomponent trap stations, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime and associated costs. The swivel connector allows steam trap replacement in only a few minutes without disturbing the pipeline. Compatible with “two-bolt” UniADCA universal steam traps and other universal steam traps with swivel connector. Typical installations include drip service on steam lines, tracing, SKID’s and small process equipment.

MAIN FEATURES Depending on variant.
Built-in strainer and check valve. Reduced downtime and costs due to easy in-line maintenance. Safe depressurization through bleed valve or BDV. Available with double upstream shut-off valves. Universal steam traps can swivel 360°, allowing the steam trap to be fitted in the correct position, regardless of pipeline configuration.

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Catalog Product Description: 1/2" BSP - CTU4U
Valve Size: 1/2" BSP
Valve Material: Stainless Steel
Valve Rating: PN40
Barcode: 875452100

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