Aquametro Oil Meter VZO15 RC130/16 Local Readout

Oil meter with pulsed output
-Measuring range: 10-400 l/h
-Max rate: 600 l/h (several minutes)
-Smallest scaling factor: 0.01 l/h

The oil meter is a rotary piston meter for mineral oil with integrated roller counter (rotatable). It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Technical data:
Nominal diameter: DN 15 mm
With threaded connection: ¾" (for screw connection ½")
Nominal pressure: PN 16 bar
Installation length: 165 mm
Mounting oposition: horizontal/vertical
Temperature: max. 130°C
Measuring range (at visc. 1...20 mPa.s): 10...600 l/h
Nominal flow rate QN: max. 400 l/h
Max. measurement deviation: ± 1% from measured value
Repeatability: ± 0.2%
Smallest readable volume: 0.01 l
Registrability: 1 mill. litres

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Manufacturers Product Code: 92041
Barcode: 565705000

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Technical Data Sheets


Technical Data Sheets