32mm PN40 Manual Blowdown Valve Type FB04 S GG


Full Bore Ball Valve
Carbon Steel Construction
CF8M (316) Stainless Steel Trim
Antistatic & Firesafe BS6755
Full Bore
Flanged BS4504-PN16-40
C/W Interlock Key Handle (Locked in Open Position)
Cavity Relief Hole in Upstream Side of Ball

Manual blowdown valve suitable for all types of steam boiler with flanged blowdown connection. This valve is currently used by some boiler manufacturers and is a suitable replacement for older manual blowdown valves which are no longer available.

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Manufacturers Product Code: FB0432MM
Catalog Product Description: 32mm PN40 Manual Blowdown Valve Type FB04 S GG
Valve Size: DN32
Valve Material: CS 1.0619
Valve Rating: PN40
Barcode: 801425032

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