High efficiency compact steam boiler

Oil or Gas Fired

JUMAG steam boilers combine the advantages of a compact quick steam boiler with those of a robust large capacity steam boiler.

  • Outputs from 100 kg/hr to 560kg/hr

  • Higher output as multiple unit system possible, e.g> 2000 kg/hr as four unit system

  • Oil or gas fired with standard industrial burners

  • Robust pressure vessel in the design of a small shell boiler, no coil.

  • Integrated boiler feed pump

  • Easy to operate, highly effective touch screen control - Connect to PC, mobile devices and BMS using JUMAG Connect

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                      Highly cost-effective as a result of high fuel  efficiency.

                      Condensing boiler technology with use of optional exhaust condensing economiser, with firing efficiencies in excess of 100%

                      Three to four pass flue gas routing.

                      Low water entrainment

                      Energy efficient JUMAG accessories for maximum recovery

                      Robust and


                      Pressure vessel in accordance with water chamber principle with up to 9mm material thickness.

                      No pipe coil / no water tube boiler principle.

                      Low-maintenance feed pump

                      High operational reliability as a result of the simple and compact overall design.

                      High quality standards due to the use of standard industrial components.

                      Operator Friendly

                      Touch Screen Controls

                      Adjustable manually via automatic timer or optional remote access controls

                      Good accessibility for maintenance

                      Automatic blowdown

                      How it works

                      In contrast to the traditional steam generator, JUMAG steam boilers work as follows;

                      • The feed water in the pressure vessel is topped up by the boiler pump through the economiser depending on the water level in the pressure vessel.

                      • The burner is controlled depending on the steam pressure. Multi-pass flue gas routing transfers the heat from the flue gas through the pressure vessel to the water.

                      • In the economiser, additional heat from the flue gas is transferred to the fresh water in the heat exchanger.

                      • The steam is dried in the inner system of the pressure vessel. 


                      Technical Data

                      Boiler Type DG160 DG260 DG360 DG460 DG560
                      PED2014/68/EU Cat 3

                      Steam output up to  160 kg/hr 260 kg/hr 360 kg/hr 46o kg/hr 560 kg/hr
                      Heat Load

                      Heat Output

                      Max. Operating Pressure 13.0 Bar  13.0 Bar 
                      13.0 Bar 
                      13.0 Bar 
                      13.0 Bar 
                      Working Pressure 6 - 11 bar 6 - 11 bar
                      6 - 11 bar
                      6 - 11 bar
                      6 - 11 bar
                      Heat up time in mins 5 minutes 8 minutes
                      8 minutes
                      8 minutes
                      8 minutes
                      Max Gas flow rate 10.6 m3/hr 16.9 m3/hr
                      23.7 m3/hr
                      30.4 m3/hr
                      38.6 m3/hr
                      Power Supply 400V / 50 Hz 400V / 50 Hz
                      400V / 50 Hz
                      400V / 50 Hz
                      400V / 50 Hz
                      Electrical Load 2.4 kW 3.2 kW 3.2 kW 4.0 kW 4.0 kW


                      Boiler Type DG160 DG260 DG360 DG460 DG560
                      Total Height A 1521 mm 1764 mm 2049 mm 2044 mm 2142 mm
                      Total width B 815 mm 829 mm 829 mm 936 mm 936mm
                      Total depth C1 1411 mm 1631 mm 1631 mm 1756 mm 1756 mm
                      Total depth C2 1206 mm 1370 mm 1370 mm 1484 mm 1484 mm
                      Height D 1130 mm 1368 mm 1568 mm 1565 mm 1565 mm
                      Depth E 812 mm 856 mm 856 mm 981 mm 981 mm
                      Height F Flue Centre 795 mm 1437 mm

                      Min. operating height G 1771 mm 2014 mm 2299 mm 2294 mm 2392 mm
                      Min. Operating Width H 1315 mm 1329 mm 1329 mm 1436 mm 1436 mm
                      Min. Operating depth I1 2081 mm 2301 mm 2301 mm 2426 mm 2426 mm
                      Min. Operating depth
                      1876 mm 2040 mm 2040 mm 2154 mm 2154 mm

                      * Dimensions for guide only : - Refer to specific dimensional drawings for installation 


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