JUMAG DG460 Steam Boiler with single economiser, without burner


JUMAG steam boiler DG460 in compact, standing modular design, EC type-tested, with CE-label, with the following characteristics:

▪ Up to 97% boiler efficiency or higher efficiency with condensing boiler technology with a second economiser (option)
▪ Completely insulated, standing water-space vaporisation system made of boiler steel (multipass through boiler, i.e. no coil)
▪ 3 to 5 pass flue gas circulation (depending on the type of boiler)
▪ Integrated maintenance-free centrifugal pump (no piston pump)
▪ Touch panel with integrated PLC and full-text operating display for menu-guided plant operation
▪ Grid form purs. to IEC 364-3, TN-S-System, 3 AC 400V/50Hz Design of boiler control purs. to DIN/EN-standards

Steam output: 460 kg/h respectively 7.66 kg/min
Thermal output: 300 kW
Operating pressure (safety-valve): 13 bar overpressure
Working pressure max.: 11 bar overpressure
Boiler warm-up time: up to 8 minutes
Power supply: 400V / 50Hz
Connected load: kW
Exhaust connection: diameter
Boiler height: mm
Boiler width: mm
Boiler depth: mm
Hight exhaust connection (middle): mm

The data above applies in connection with the associated Jumag economiser, a feed water temperature of 95°C and 6 bar working pressure.

Safety-technical equipment: Safety-valve, water-level display with 2-fold water defect safety, safety exhaust temperature and safety steam pressure limiter pursuant to DGRL 97/23/EC.

Note: Price without burner and economiser (see accessories selection) & Ex .Works Hirschberg

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Barcode: DGF460

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