Goetze Fig: 355 Safety Valve Carbon Steel

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Goetze Fig: 355 Safety Valve Carbon Steel

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Safety valves made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, 

angle-type with flange connections

The series of flanged safety valve 355 captivates with its consistent concept of capacity, function and design. The high capacity of the entire series from DN 15 up to DN100 is unique in the sector of flanged safety valves. Using spheroidal graphite cast iron for the housing allows a particularly inexpensive variant to be produced. This is of particular interest for applications with heating water and steam as well as lower requirements with regard to high corrosion resistance. This series can be supplied either with open or closed cap. The range of variants is further extended by offering bellows in either elastomer or stainless steel and either a metal or soft-sealing valve seal.