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What distinguishes a JUMAG from other steam generators

JUMAG Steam Boilers achieve exemplary levels of efficiency. Thanks to innovative heat recovery, a JUMAG can save YOU tons of CO2 and a lot of money.

In contrast to the once-through boiler, a JUMAG steam boiler needsĀ  neither a pipe coil nor a piston pump.

That makes itĀ extremely robust and low-maintenance.

The compact design combines the advantages of high-speed steam generators and shell boilers.

Every JUMAG steam generator is developed and manufactured in Germany. The steam output ranges from 100 to 1,060 kg/h, with steam systems up to 4,000 kg/h. JUMAG steam generators are fuelled with oil or gas or operated electrically.

Ready-To-Connect Complete Steam Solutions

Steam Generator
- DG Series -

Outputs from 100kg/h to 560kg/h oil or gas heated with standard industrial burners.

Electric Steam


Outputs from 20kW to 360kW as a single steam system. Modulating high-quality heating elements.

Steam Generator

- FL01060 -

Outputs 1060kg/h oil or gas heated with standard industrial burners.

Waste Heat


High heat exchange performance in a small area. Modular design & cost-effective adaptation to a wide variety of systems.

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